Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cartoon network

Cartoon Network Cinemedia from Chris Green on Vimeo.

Here's something I did some initial concept sketching for earlier in the year. This was for DK in Chicago. I had a day to sketch designs of how the interior of this storefront could change shapes to include in their pitch to the client to try to get this job. I first did a bunch of small thumbnail drawings. Then Chad, their cg art director, picked which ones he liked and I drew the three key frames bigger, that's the first image at top.

DK got the job, and so the next day I came in and in the morning they asked me to kick out a few designs for the exterior of the storefront. I did draw the one they used for the spot...I don't like my final drawings of it though, so not including those. Didn't scan the thumbnails of it yet, and those quick sketches I actually liked more. This was for theaters, a commercial before the previews, the ones I always complain about while reminiscing of days gone by when their were only previews before films.

Fun fact, ya know why those previews are called trailers? Because they used to be shown after the movie. I remember those days too, my brother and I were always excited to sit through credits to see what kind of cinema magic was to come next. I might be remembering the early days of movies on video tape though, but one way or another, I remember as a kid we'd wait for the trailers at the end of a movie.

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Nick said...

Nice stuff...I think I might remember what you're talking about, but it's hazy!