Sunday, February 14, 2010

Imperious Rex

Here is a portrait of Namor I kicked out over the last couple days. Inspired by some of the really impressive portraits I've seen over at recently, I decided to try and dip back into a type of more realitic drawing I really haven't attempted in over ten years. Trying to go back to the basics, and relearn or learn for the first time the foundations of drawing and painting.

I did most of this from imagination and looking at some previous sketches I've done of Namor. I also used a WWII US Army portrait of my grandfather as reference. He was seventeen or eighteen in the photo(he lied about his age to get into the Army to serve in the war), and had the looks of a movie star. In the photo he's turned the other way, and its a happy, proud looking portrait. I just used it for a bit of reference in regard to the nose, cheeks, eyes, and neck. This drawing doesn't look like him, and I didn't try to make it look like him. But the nose is pretty similar. I find that there is something timeless and magical about old photographic portraits. Hard to describe, but they just often have such a strong prescence.

In other news, my grandpa, still alive and full of kick, is now on facebook. He's beat me to it. I guess that means my grandpa is hipper than me.

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boob said...

So soft man. Very nice. I often try to trick myself into doing something more realistic and I just fall back into old favorite routines. I used to draw a self-portrait seemingly every week in highschool. Where did that go? Envious or your ability to shift gears and stay there for at least one drawing.